Parents stand in road to ensure safety of children

School: Buckshaw Trinity Primary School, below , County coun Mark Perks
School: Buckshaw Trinity Primary School, below , County coun Mark Perks
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Concerned parents have resorted to standing in a busy road to ensure their children can cross safely.

One mum acted as a lollipop lady to ensure everyone crossing Village Way in Buckshaw Village was safe.

Campaigners want a zebra crossing to help youngsters on their way to Buckshaw Trinity Primary School.

Families say they have had to take their chances, crossing between parked cars and looking out into busy traffic.

Campaigner Lucy Wheeldon said: “There are no crossings at all on Village Way to get to the school - there is a small island in the middle further up the road but it isn’t safe.

“There is a real parking problem at the moment, so we have all dressed in high visability clothing to ensure we are all seen.

“We need a zebra crossing this would help everybody, including parents with younger siblings and prams - they would be able to cross the road comfortably.”

Lancashire County Council has been approached by campaigners but cannot act because the road in unadopted.

County Coun Mark Perks, ward councillor for Buckshaw Village, said: “I am aware of the situation as it was brought up at my surgery.

“At the moment county council cannot decide anything as the roads aren’t adopted.

“It’s not that they don’t want to, it’s simply that they cannot do anything at the moment - once they have been adopted a process then needs to be taken where people will assess the area.

“I’d happily support any campaign to ensure the safety of pupils and parents is increased.

“In the mean time perhaps other road safety measures can be put in place to ensure the road safety can be kept.”