Parking fine fury

Regent Road, Chorley
Regent Road, Chorley

A RESIDENT is furious after he was slapped with a parking fine outside his house - after his permit had slipped down the dashboard of his car.

Joe Forshaw, of Regent Road, Chorley, has accused parking wardens of being too heavy handed when dishing out fines.

Joe, who has only just moved into his new address, said his grand dad, who was helping him with the move, was also fined for being just minutes over the permitted one hour on street parking time.

And he says he saw a warden hovering and waiting to pounce on a vehicle as it approached its permitted parking time.

Joe said he took photographs of the waiting warden, who handed out a fine to a mother with a young child who returned to the car shortly afterwards.

Joe, 21, a duty manager at All Seasons Leisure Centre, Water Street, Chorley, has written to Lancashire County Council, which is responsible for on street parking in the county, to contest the fine.

He said; “I’ve moved into a new house in Regent Road in Chorley. The area is parking permits or one hour stay.

“I got a parking ticket because my pass in the car had slipped down the dashboard and he couldn’t see it fully.

“Instead of doing the decent thing and knocking on my door he gave me a fine.”

He added; “My grand dad was just seven minutes late back to his car.

“And to top it off there was a parking warden stood waiting for a car to elapse its time for one hour.

“I just think it’s absolutely ridiculous what they are doing.

“I’ve had to write a letter of appeal to the parking authorities to try and get it rescinded.”