Parking spaces spark disabled motorist upset

The disabled parking bay on Cleveland Street, Chorley
The disabled parking bay on Cleveland Street, Chorley

A motorist has criticised the number of parking spaces for disabled people in Chorley.

Betty Parker, 73, claims there are “very few” parking spaces for disabled drivers and says the existing spaces are usually full.

She said: “Chorley is the worst place I have been.

“Most places have a decent amount of parking spaces for disabled people.”

She added: “I try to stay away from Chorley because the parking gets me really annoyed.”

Betty, of Whittle-le-Woods, is particularly upset about a parking bay marked for disabled motorists outside the post office on Cleveland Street, which she says is “of no use to disabled drivers”.

It is a one-way street and there is a railing next to the bay, which she believes makes it difficult for disabled drivers to get out of their vehicles.

And she says her Renault Scenic car was recently damaged when the wind blew it against the railing.

Betty said: “You need to be able to open your car door and be able to swing around to get out.

“It’s rather silly. It’s a waste of a space if you can’t get out.”

Bill Dawson, Lancashire County Council‘s highways engineer for Chorley, said: “The current bays are within the regulations, but we will look into whether we can improve the width of the bay outside the post office without affecting through traffic and road safety.

“There is disabled parking available in a number of locations around the town centre, both on-street and on the borough council’s off-street car parks. However, I’d ask people to get in touch with us if they think there’s a lack of parking in particular places as it helps us to understand the issue and look at the options available.”