Pawdicures given to pampered pets

Nikki Eade with Louis from Chorley at Aunties Doggy Daycare in Lostock Hall
Nikki Eade with Louis from Chorley at Aunties Doggy Daycare in Lostock Hall
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Pooches are enjoying being treated to new pampering facilities at their daycare centre.

Auntie’s Doggy Daycare, on Cuerden Green Mill. Lostock Hall, launched a new doggy boutique in December, which has proved a real hit with owners and their pets.

As well as being given facial treatments, dogs are also given the chance to have ‘pawdicures’ to keep them feeling fresh.

Chorley dog owner, Marianne Aughton, who sends her five-year-old boxer, Louis, to the daycare while she is at work, said: “My dog, Louis, has been going since the start of the daycare.

“He’s well and truly chilled out by the time he gets home.

“He loves it, and the staff have been fantastic with him, as he’s not the easiest dog in the world to deal with.

“I don’t have to worry about him at all, and the staff are just so open and honest.”

As well as luxury treatments, members of the daycare are also able to develop their social skills, take walks in a three acre woodland, and exercise in a 144 square metre gym.

They are picked up and dropped off in a doggie bus, and when birthday time comes around, they are thrown a party by the owners of the centre, Mark and Lisa Pye.

There is also a unique ‘homemade boutique’ where doggies get treated to muffins, a pick and mix and lollipops.

Marianne said: “The best is when it’s birthday time.

“I love it because of the Facebook updates we get throughout the day.”

Dogs do not have to be a member of Auntie’s Doggy Daycare to take part in a pampering session.

Lisa and Mark are fully licensed to care for dogs by South Ribble Council and all premises and transport are inspected regularly.

Talking to the Chorley Guardian, Lisa, who is the owner of a bulldog and a pug, said: “The pampering sessions just took off, and people loved it.

“Louis the boxer loves having a pamper - he loves all the girls and all the attention he gets.

“We’ve based the idea around what we’ve seen happening in America.

“And we get to know every dog like they are our own.”

To book your pet in for a pawdicure contact Lisa on 01772 323850.

Dogs do not need to be members of the centre to enjoy the special treatments that Doggy Daycare now has to offer.

To apply for the daycare or for more information visit