Pensioner died at notorious blackspot

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AN inquest heard that a pensioner died a notorious accident black spot.

John Haydock, 81, died from multiple injuries after his car was struck by a motorbike in Coppull Road, Chorley, in July.

The retired telephone engineer, from Haweswater Avenue, Chorley, pulled out of Birkacre Road in to the path of the Yamaha, and Deputy Coroner Simon Jones said the motorcyclist had no chance of avoiding the collision.

Giving evidence, HGV driver Lee Charnock, who witnessed the accident, said: “I was heading back to our office in Chapel Lane in Coppull and there wasn’t much traffic on the road.

“The motorbike was about 200 meters ahead of me as I turned in to Coppull Road and there was a red Nissan Micra at the junction of Birkacre Road coming away from the nurseries.

“I couldn’t tell if the car was moving or stopped or whether it had gone over the line.

“The motorcyclist was in the centre of the left hand lane and as I looked back from checking my mirrors I saw the Nissan pull forward and the collision.

“There was a loud bang and it all happened so quickly.”

Mr Charnock ran to help the driver and motorcyclist, and found Mr Haydock, whose wife Margaret had died only months earlier, unconscious in his car.

He was taken to Chorley hospital by ambulance, but was pronounced dead a short time later. Tests showed that he had suffered multiple injuries, including a fracture to his spine and ribs.

Jason Murtaugh, who had been riding the bike, also suffered serious injuries

Speaking at the hearing, the 23-year-old, who is still recovering from his injuries and has to use crutches, said he had no recollection of what had happened on that day.

“I don’t even remember waking up in the morning,” he added. I can only presume that I was out on a leisure ride as it was a sunny day and I had been working all weekend as a doorman in Lancaster.

“I was always very careful at the junction as I have had vehicles pull out on me before.”

Tests carried out by the Police Accident Investigation Unit showed that the bike had still been upright when it struck the driver’s side of the car. Road markings also showed that Mr Murtaugh would have been travelling below the speed limit on the 40mph road when the collision happened at 3.40pm.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, Deputy Coroner Simon Jones said: “I am entirely satisfied that the Nissan pulled out on to the path of the bike giving Mr Murtaugh no chance to avoid the collision.”