Pensioner forced to wait two-hours for Ambulance in Preston following a fall

Lindsay and Keith Wright
Lindsay and Keith Wright
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A terminally-ill pensioner spent two hours lying on a pavement waiting for an ambulance after a bad fall.

Keith Wright, pictured, who uses a mobility walker, had fallen and was bleeding from a cut to his head on Sunday, May 27.

The 63-year-old had been on his way to Preston Ethical Spiritualist Church in Newton Road with his wife Lindsay, 58, when he fell.

Lindsay said: “He fell over backwards and hit his head. I called an ambulance and she said it would be there as soon as possible so I made him as comfortable as possible. I called again after an hour and a half and she said they would send an ambulance as soon as possible and it was another half an hour before one came.

“To me it’s unacceptable leaving him lying on the ground for two hours.”

A spokesman for North West Ambulance Service told the Post that the fall was categorised as urgent but not an emergency response as the condition was not immediately life-threatening.

However he added: “We are aware that waiting for an ambulance is very distressing and we do our best to get to all of our patients as quickly as possible.

“Unfortunately due to extremely high demand we must prioritise based on the information that we are given to make sure that we get to immediately life-threatening emergencies straight away.”