Pensioner’s rage after her car is written off whilst sleeping

Damage to Eileen Halsall's car after the smash on Harrison Road.
Damage to Eileen Halsall's car after the smash on Harrison Road.
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A horror junction is causing havoc amongst residents after three crashes have happened in two weeks.

Pensioner Eileen Halsall, 76, had her car written-off in one of the smashes and fears that somebody could be killed if things don’t change.

Eileen Halsall

Eileen Halsall

The incident happened on the junction of Harrison Road, Brindle Street and Gloucester Road, in Chorley when a car hit her parked car in the night.

She said: “Our car is a complete write-off. We were asleep in bed and through no fault of our own it was ruined. We’ve never had a crash before.

“Three crashes have now happened in two weeks. It really is ridiculous. Me and my husband Joe are on limited income, we can’t afford a new car.”

The incidents involved cars pulling out of the junction and colliding with cars travelling down Harrison Road.

Lancashire County Council has been out to the smash scene to repaint the road markings.

But Mrs Halsall says it will take more than the repainting of lines to stop the crashes.

She added: “We need stop signs, people will have to stop then and take a look.

“People ignore the speed limit on the road, it’s supposed to be 20mph.

“Without the car it means I’ll struggle to get to hospital appointments and visit my family.”

County Coun Bev Murray, said: “I was contacted a couple of months ago with a request from residents to have the white lines repainted at the junction as the lines had faded.

“The county council responded to this request and the lines were painted.

“However, in light of the recent accidents I have again contacted the county council to ask that stops signs are put up at this location.”