Pensioner warns others of insulation con artists

PCSO Flick Riding, Mary Sawyer and PCSO Debra Jones
PCSO Flick Riding, Mary Sawyer and PCSO Debra Jones
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A pensioner who was targeted by conmen is warning others to be on their guard.

Mary Sawyer, 76, of Highfield Road North, Adlington, was left shaken and upset after two men talked their way into her property.

The men, who claimed to be working for a company called New Energy Solutions on behalf of Chorley Council and Chorley Community Housing, look to enter people’s houses offering free loft insulation.

They then use the opportunity to scout the premises and are thought to have taken personal items from people’s attics.

Mrs Sawyer said: “It really upset me, the two men conned their way into the house.

“They checked the attic and it seemed plausible.

“When two men returned it looked like they had black bin bags but luckily my neighbour came out and they chased them off.

“Once I realised this could be a con I phoned CCH, the police, the bank and British Gas.

“The police have been excellent and so kind.”

Chorley Police have sent teams out in the Adlington area.

Leaflets to stick in windows warning cold callers to move on have also been distributed.

PCSO Debra Jones said: “We don’t like the method these men are using.

“It’s false representation, this has been going on for one week now.

“I’d say between myself and Flick Riding my colleague we’ve had at least 10 reports.

“We advise people to let nobody into their houses.”

CCH’s director of operations Richard Houghton, said:” If anyone receives an approach from someone claiming to be working for CCH then they should ask to see identification and if they are in any doubt as to the person’s credentials they should ring us on 0300 111 1133.

“Most of the operatives working for us will be driving a vehicle that is branded as CCH and all of our staff carry identity.

“CCH stress that New Energy Solutions are not carrying out any work for CCH and if approached residents are asked to contact the police immediately.”