Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Centre raises over £3,300 with open day

Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Centre, Cottagefields, held an open day last Saturday at Eaves Green Community Centre and raised an impressive £3,300.

Monday, 22nd November 2021, 3:55 pm

Delighted at the outcome was volunteer and organiser of the event Simone Sweeney, 50.

"We had the tombola, cards and calendars on sale on the day.

"Everyone is so generous buying our calendars. The biggest expense is vet bills. We can't put into words how grateful Janette (the owner) and all the volunteers are for the support. You helped us raise a huge amount of funds to continue our vital work helping these beautiful creatures."

A little hedgehog being fed.

The non-profit organisation aids the preservation and rehabilitation of sick or injured hedgehogs before releasing them back into the wild when they reach full health, with the funds raised helping to continue this work.

The centre, which relies on donations from the public, houses between 100-120 hedgehog held its first open day back in 2019.

However, Covid put an end to any further fundraising opportunities.

Simone added: "We really struggled through Covid. We started an online auction called Chorley Hedgehogs which sold merchandise to raise capital.

The open day.

"Jannette Jones is a miracle worker and animal lover. She is amazing and works 24/7 tending to them. She started out in wildlife rescue and realised the plight of hedgehogs and the decline and wanted to help educate people on this topic.

"People don't release but a lot of work goes into the running of it all.

"They are very scared wild animals. They are not pets"

"People think we cuddle them all day but in actual fact it is hard work caring for them.

Some of the many toys on offer at the open day.

"We have 20 volunteers and a day of work entails cleaning, feeding, medicating and weighing the hedgehogs."

She continued: "We wouldn't release them as it is getting cold now. We keep them until the spring and then release them."

Every year many hedgehogs are seriously injured or killed by cutting machines in their garden. Please check grass and hedges thoroughly before using mowers, strimmers or hedge cutters.

If you find a hedgehog and are concerned use gardening gloves or place an old towel over it and pick it up carefully

Founder Jannette Jones with one of the hedgehogs.

Jannette is keen to stress that we should all look out for hedgehogs and slow down while driving at night to save running over them.

Slug pellets kill hedgehogs too as they eat the slugs that have been treated.

Fun facts about hedgehogs:

They eat cat biscuits and drink water.

They are nocturnal.

They weren't always called hedgehogs - they were previously known as urchins throughout the Middle Ages.

One of the rescued hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant.

They can run four mph.

If you would like to find out more about the rescue centre you can visit: