Double yellow peril as Preston drivers park in a break in the lines

A van is parked in a gap in the yellow lines on Tulketh Road.
A van is parked in a gap in the yellow lines on Tulketh Road.

Drivers have been given a lucky break after a road painting gang left them a handy parking space on a busy road.

Double yellow lines on Tulketh Road, Preston include a car-sized gap because a vehicle was in the way when the workmen did the job more than six months ago.

Now a councillor has urged County Hall to find a way to fill in the space as soon as possible to remove the hazard of vehicles parked on a “blind” corner.

And LCC say they could now call in police to help solve the problem.

“It’s a busy junction - that’s why the double yellow lines were put there in the first place,” said Coun Gillian Oliver, who represents the area on the County Council.

“The gap has something parked there practically the whole time and drivers trying to turn out of Egerton Road are struggling to see if anything is coming.

“Someone must have missed the memo when residents were asked to move their cars the day the lines were being painted.

“But its been like this since before Christmas - a good six months - and council staff can’t get in to fill in the gap because whenever they call there’s always something parked there.

“Apparently there aren’t any powers to to book anyone for parking there because the lines are broken.

"I’ve spoken to several people round there and they are concerned it is a blind spot.

"I don’t think it’s just one vehicle. I think there have been several who have been taking advantage of the free parking space.”

An LCC spokesman said: “The lines were repainted after the road was resurfaced last year, however we have been unable to complete the task due to a vehicle being parked in this location.

“Our highways team has visited a number of times to try to repaint the lines. We have also placed cones around the vehicle and visited four times in the past two weeks. However a vehicle has always been parked there.

"We have also tried to contact who we believe would be the owner of the vehicle.

“We will contact the police to seek their assistance and if necessary arrange for the vehicle to be moved.”