Leyland Morris Men looking out for new recruits

Leyland Morris Men
Leyland Morris Men

Leyland Cricket Club was the venue for a taster day organised by Leyland Morris Men with the aim of attracting new members to the group.

Their origins date back to 1889, with the present team being instituted in 1966.

The Leylanders say they are proud to be a part of one of England’s oldest traditions.

Morris dancing is a very ancient form of dance – there are many written references to morris dancers going back to the 1300s.

Mike Bailey, team secretary of the Leyland Morris Men, said the group would have liked more numbers on the day but that the club still gets out in the community putting on its demonstrations.


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He said: “We’re disappointed we didn’t get what we were expecting – it’s the first time we’ve tried it for a good few years.

“Other local teams do seem to be doing better than us for whatever reason.”

He added: “We’ve got about 15 or so active dancers and musicians, so this enables us to turn out at local fetes, nursing homes and schools.”