Vote for Project Feed Chorley for a national media award - we need your help #makingadifference

It was the campaign that united Chorley as we fought to raise the money for a new food bank building - and now it has been shortlisted for a national Journalism Matters: Making a difference award.

Monday, 13th May 2019, 3:30 pm
The launch of the new LW Storehouse earlier this year following the successful Project Feed Chorley campaign

The fundraising bid was launched after the damp and mouldy conditions of the existing Storehouse food bank of the Living Waters church in the town were revealed.

We needed £20,000 to build a new structure in the car park of the existing church to provide more space and suitable working conditions.

Volunteers, often elderly, were stooped in the low-ceiling room trying to sort parcels and organisers told of unprecedented demand, particularly from families, as the vagaries of Universal Credit shortfalls left them absolutely desperate.

Money came flooding in from every corner of the community, large and small amounts, often anonymous.

The word Christmas was left out of the campaign name deliberately, anticipating it would take a minimum six months to raise that amount of money.

It took six weeks.

Now Project Feed Chorley has raised £30,000, the new building is officially open and food donations have tripled thanks to your generosity.

The campaign been shortlisted for the making a Difference award as part of the inaugural Journalism Matters campaign and we need your support.

The online public vote will go live at 9.30am on Monday 13 May where people have three days to vote for their favourite campaign.

The poll closes at 5pm on Wednesday (15 May) and the winner will be announced by News Media Association vice chairman Henry Faure Walker at the Society of Editors Regional Press Awards on Friday 17 May.

You can vote for Chorley Guardian HERE: Vote for Chorley Guardian Project Feed Chorley campaign