This is what Camelot Theme Park looks like now - 2 months after demolition began

New drone pictures reveal what Camelot looks like now - two months after demolition work began on the abandoned theme park.

Thursday, 4th February 2021, 9:50 am
Updated Thursday, 4th February 2021, 9:58 am
Camelot's iconic castle-themed entrance has been demolished, with just the front wall remaining to keep out those who might venture inside to explore the grounds. Pic: Martin Pratt

Bulldozers and diggers moved onto the site in December and workers have been busy tearing the park apart, with many of its Medieval-themed buildings reduced to rubble.

The once-thriving theme park, based on the story of Camelot, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, closed in November 2012.

For 8 years it stood abandoned, attracting 'urban explorers' who would venture into the grounds to explore its crumbling buildings and derelict rides.

The site has stood abandoned since 2012, with its crumbling rides and buildings taking on a spooky appearance that had attracted urban explorers. Pic: Martin Pratt

But new drone pictures taken on Tuesday (February 2) show the swift progress of demolition work on the 140-acre site, where thousands of families used to enjoy a day out in its bustling medieval-themed grounds.

You can find more pictures showing the first days of demolition work at Camelot here.

Hardly anything remains of the once-bustling theme park next to Park Hall Road in Charnock Richard, near Chorley. Pic: Martin Pratt
The former site of the galleon, which used to be situated between the hot dog hut (left) and the ice cream shop (right). Pic: Martin Pratt
Most of its buildings have been demolished since work began in early December 2020, with many of the abandoned rides removed before bulldozers moved on site. Pic: Martin Pratt
The front wall of the theme park has been left standing to prevent people - including urban explorers - from entering the site whilst work is under way. But the iconic white castle-themed entrance has been demolished. Pic: Martin Pratt
The remains of the jousting arena, whose tournaments attracted hundreds of spectators each day and featured battles between the Knights of the Round Table and their enemies. Pic: Martin Pratt
The main entrance to Camelot, where hundreds of families would enter each day in the Spring and Summer to enjoy a day out at the theme park. Pic: Martin Pratt
Research published in 2019 suggested that the site off Park Hall Road in Charnock Richard is projected to be able to fit 6,294 new homes across its 140-acre site. It is reported to have a potential value, in terms of development, of around £790 million. Pic: Martin Pratt
Only a few medieval-themed buildings remain standing in the now empty grounds of the 140-acre site. Pic: Martin Pratt
The site is owned by Story Homes, who had development plans for 195 homes for the site rejected by Chorley Council in 2018. It says it is "still considering its options for this site". Pic: Martin Pratt