Pet whisperer called in hunt for dog

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When chocolate Labrador Brook came into Caroline Hoyle’s life she was a tiny puppy - and bearing a sparkling engagement ring.

But now Brook is missing and Caroline, now married to husband Aubrey, is refusing to give up in her search for her beloved pooch.

Caroline, 38, who used to work at Chorley Cake Centre on Cowling Brow, was left devastated when Brook, went missing on April 16 of last year Now, after searching for her missing pet endlessly, Caroline has turned to the help of a dog whisperer - or animal communicator , who has revealed that Brook may well - be missing in Chorley.

Caroline is now setting out on a mission to raise awareness in the area, in the hope that her lab can finally be returned to its rightful home.

It is believed that Brook could be in a more rural location, with White Coppice and Brinscall being Caroline’s first port of call.

Brook, who would now be five-years-old, was given as a birthday present to Caroline, and had particular sentimental value since he was also carrying an engagement ring.

Caroline, who now lives in Lancaster, said: “Chorley keeps coming up in conversation and on our Facebook page over and over again.

“Brook was taken from our garden, and we have been searching for him ever since.

“I went to an animal communicator, and I didn’t know her from Adam - she was telling me things and she couldn’t have just made it up.

“I was knocked off my feet, and was like ‘how could she know that’.

“You get so attached to your animals, and we didn’t have any children at the time, so he was like our baby.

“He’ll be missing us, just as much as we are missing him.

“It would mean everything is somebody found him - there has been a black cloud over us for the last year.”

A Facebook group has been set up in Brooks name, which now has over 700 members and a video put on YouTube.There is also a £5,000 reward at stake.

Caroline said: “It has been amazing, the support we have had.

“We have had lots of people doing postering for us. We are like a little community now, and I have made friends through the group.”

For more information on Brook visit,!/FindBrook or visit this story online to link to a video clip.