Pete’s road test just electrifying

Pete Sturgess with the electric car
Pete Sturgess with the electric car
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A Scout leader says the future is green after swapping his car for an electric vehicle.

Pete Sturgess has been test driving a Nissan Leaf as part of the Government’s Go Ultra Low campaign.

Scout leaders could apply for the car loan when the Scouts Association joined a national partnership with the campaign, which aims to encourage more drivers to use ultra low emission vehicles.

Pete, of Coppice Close, Chorley, was one of three people chosen across the country and has been driving the electric car since September.

He is county internal communications commissioner and appointment secretary for Chorley district Scouts.

Pete, 50, said: “It’s been excellent. It’s enabled me to do a lot more visits to people to support them with the stuff I do with Scouting, because now I don’t have to think about the cost of running it.

“I can top it up at home and it costs 2p a mile filling up on my home electric. All the chargers around the country are free to use.”

Finding places to charge the car was no problem.

“There are two on the Flat Iron car park in Chorley now. Nissan Chorley have a charging point, Charnock Richard services, the new Asda in Chorley.

“They are coming in thick and fast,” he said.

Pete has twice used the car to drive to London for meetings at Scout headquarters.

He had to stop every 90 miles to charge the car.

He said: “Going to London was three stops on the way.

“You plug it in at services and stop for a coffee and then it’s done, and it’s free.

“It cost me more in coffee than it did in electricity to get to London.”

Pete says the car is like a “comfortable family saloon”, apart from having no exhaust and making no sound.

He particularly liked being able to use his mobile phone to turn on the heating in his car while eating breakfast, so it was warm when he got inside.

Pete will hand back the car this month and return to his Volkswagen Caddy.

He would like his own electric car. However, his son uses a wheelchair and at the moment he says there are no adapted electric cars.

He added: “As soon as one of those comes along, then I will be having one.”

Pete has been sharing his experience of driving the car at