Pictures by brave Holly to appear in exhibition

Holly Raper with her camera
Holly Raper with her camera

Photographs taken by a former Runshaw College student injured in a quad bike accident in Australia will feature in a new exhibition.

It will showcase work by Holly Raper, a talented photographer from Whittle-le-Woods, taken over a five-year period.

Early work includes floral details and explores her fascination with the complex structure of flowers, while her love of animals and keen interest in man’s relationship with animals is another key theme within her work.

The exhibition also follows her journey of photographic experimentation, from her teenage years, travel and university education.

Prints are on show and for sale, as are a selection of handmade cards featuring the broad range of subject matter captured on her camera.

Holly was just 23 when she was involved in a quad bike crash on a farm in Tasmania in October 2011.

She suffered life-threatening injuries and spent more than a year in hospital.

Friends and family rallied round to raise money after the accident.

The exhibition opens on Saturday and runs until Friday, July 11 at Brothers Of Charity Services Lancashire’s Creative Arts Centre at Lisieux Hall, in Whittle-le-Woods.

It will be open from 11am to 4pm each day, except Monday.

Admission is free and all proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the Brothers Of Charity Services Lancashire.