Planners say no to ‘garden-grabbers’

No more homes: Balshaw Villa in Euxton
No more homes: Balshaw Villa in Euxton
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Controversial plans to build two properties in the grounds of a landmark building in Euxton have been thrown out.

Chorley Council’s development control committee refused the application to build in gardens at the front of Balshaw Villa on Balshaw Lane, near Euxton Railway Station

Four letters of complaint were received by planners against the scheme with concerns raised about traffic safety fears.

Chorley Council leader and Euxton councillor Peter Goldsworthy said the proposal was a ‘violation of the council’s ‘garden-grabbing policy’.

He also argued that ‘building on this land will have a significant negative visual impact on valued open space’. Coun Goldsworthy said: “I am pleased that the proposal has been refused.

“I think this particular piece of land is a welcome open space in Euxton village centre which I would not like to see built on.”

Neil Cadd, of Anderton Road, which backs onto the development, said: “We are delighted that the development was refused as there would have been more traffic on Balshaw Lane - which is a nightmare as it is.

“The designers said that the plans were in keeping with the character of the area but they have changed the site by building extensions on the historical old house.

“It is bad enough that there are some new houses on Regency Gardens around the back of our property.

“There would have been more noise coming from that development but it would have been noisier if it had been agreed.

“My worry is that Euxton is no longer going to be a village if they keep on building on green spaces.

“I am expecting them to appeal but we will be fighting it again if it comes back.”

Agents Mosiac Town Planning did not wish to comment.