Plans for 300 homes ‘would completely destroy the area’

Bolton Road residents against housing in Adlington
Bolton Road residents against housing in Adlington

Campaigners fighting plans for 300 homes on their doorstep hope people power will send the developers packing.

Fox Land and Property, already at the centre of controversial plans to build 1,000 homes to the east of Chorley, now wants to build 300 properties to the south of the town too.

The developer already has permission to build 300 homes on green fields in Wigan Road, Clayton-le-Woods, and submitted plans last week to Chorley Borough Council for another 700 on the adjoining land.

Now, the company wants to build 300 homes on land off Bolton Road in Adlington – sparking a furious response from residents.

The company refused to comment when contacted by the Guardian.

Leaflets have been sent to residents in Bolton Road to advertise a public consultation this weekend.

Paul McAllion, 33, has lived in the street for 10 years, and has set up a website campaign to fight the proposals.

He said: “I can’t believe these plans have been put forward so soon after Fox Land and Property submitted an application for 700 homes in Clayton-le-Woods and were given the go-ahead for 300 in that area too.

“The consensus in Adlington is that nobody wants it, and it’s complete madness to build here.

“Do we really need more housing in Chorley?”

Mr McAllion’s website,, outlines the main concerns residents have, including traffic problems; strain on local resources such as the NHS, police and schools; the impact on wildlife; and an increased flood risk to new and existing properties.

The dad-of-two said: “Traffic around here is already horrendous, and it’d cause a real safety issue to have more families living here, driving children to school in the morning.

“A lot of buses and heavy goods vehicles drive down Bolton Road too, and it gets so busy.

“People are also worried about losing the fields, because children play on there and enjoy walking in the area.”

Fellow Bolton Road resident Gill Smith said: “I think it’s absolutely horrendous.

“I’ve not slept since the leaflet came through the door.

“We knew about the Local Development Framework, but we knew nothing about the plans by Fox Land and Property.

“We’ve always been told the land would not be built on.

“It would completely destroy the area.”

Fox Land and Property said in the consultation leaflet: “The site is suitable for development because it is located within easy access to shops, existing community amenities and the local public transport network.

“It is a natural housing site with existing residential development to the north and east.

“The site can be safely accessed via Bolton Road with pedestrian links to the surrounding area.”