Plea for patience ahead of skate park opening

Adlington mayor Dan Croft, outside the Jubilee skate park
Adlington mayor Dan Croft, outside the Jubilee skate park

A warning message has been sent out to children who are breaking in to a skate park which isn’t open to the public yet.

Dan Croft, town mayor of Adlington, is urging people in the village to bide their time and wait for the completion of the skate park in Jubilee Recreation Ground.

A project, which is being overseen by Chorley Council, was launched to build a state of the art playing facility.

After months of work, the grand opening is set for Saturday, November 15.

Recently, groups of children have been breaking in to the building site.

On one occasion, youngsters attempted to use the skate ramps whilst the concrete was still wet.

No major damage has been caused to the site but Coun Croft said: “The police have had to be called at least twice in the past week because of reports of large groups of youngsters using the park before it is finished.

“As with any large building project, people should not be accessing the site whilst the work is in progress, but some children appear to have broken in to the site.

“I urge everyone to be patient because as it will be a fantastic facility when opened.”

Coun Bev Murray, who has responsibility for parks and open spaces at Chorley Council said: “The new skate park at Jubilee Recreation Ground will be a major improvement to facilities for young people in the area and is something they said they wanted to see so we were extremely disappointed to hear that the site had been broken into and damaged.

“The site does have security fencing and other measures in place for the safety of the public. However, at the moment, it is still a building site and I am urging people to please be patient and wait for it to be finished.