Police are called after gravestones discovery

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A pile of vandalised gravestones - some of babies - have been found dumped at the end of a street.

A member of the public reported the incident after making the shock discovery.

Chorley Council’s neighbourhood officers were called out to the scene at Bagganley Lane, Chorley.

Several gravestones were found smashed up and dumped, some of which belonged to babies.

A criminal inquiry is now underway and the council is appealing for any information on who would commit such a horrific crime.

Coun Adrian Lowe, who oversees environmental issues at the council said: “I am disgusted that anybody can commit such an atrocious offence.

“I urge anybody who may have any information as to who is responsible to come forward immediately and help us get them to justice.”

Death registers are currently being checked to try and establish where the abandoned headstones have come from.

Anybody with information should contact Chorley Council on 01257 515151 or online at chorley.gov.uk