Police officer crashes into care home wall

Crash on Windsor Road, Chorley
Crash on Windsor Road, Chorley
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This is the scene after a police car lost control during rush hour traffic.

The white Vauxhall Astra was on its way to a job when it crashed into the side wall of The Gables Residential Home For The Elderly at 8.35am on May 21.

The incident was logged as ‘damage-only’, after the vehicle took out part of a wall, and knocked down a road sign at the start of Windsor Road.

Nobody was injured as a result of the crash.

A Chorley taxi driver, who wanted to remain unnamed, saw the police car just before 9am.

He said: “As a local Chorley taxi driver I am appalled at how this could occur on a very busy stretch of road - especially when schools kids are on their way to school.

“I don’t know how it happened and who got injured - if any.

“This is a complete disgrace and doesn’t show and set a good example to other drivers.

“I could see the skid marks, from where the car had gone up the pavement, and into the wall.”

Nobody from the Residential Home witnessed the collision.

A spokesman said: “All the staff were busy getting people up.

“I just heard a bang - thank god nobody was hurt.

A Lancashire Constabulary spokesman said: “The incident happened at 8.35am, on Windsor Road.

“A recovery of the police vehicle was being made at 9.15am.

“There were no injuries.

“The council were made aware of damage to the road sign.”