Police specials go onto the frontline

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Special police officers in Chorley were out in force at the weekend cracking down on anti-social behaviour.

The Special Constabulary is the part-time volunteer section of the police and more than 14 officers took part in the two-day operation on Saturday and Sunday nights tackling issues in the community.

They visited Astley Village, Chorley East and Liptrott areas to talk to youths in the community.

On Saturday night alone, nine officers hit the streets for the operation.

In one of the incidents a drunk male was issued with a warning outside the Post Office on High Street while another male was arrested for causing criminal damage at the Nile Takeaway on New Market Street.

High-visibility patrols also took place on Eaves Lane and Seymour Street in Chorley East, Broadfields in Great Meadow, the Liptrott estates.

They also made routine visits to the George and White Hart pubs in Chorley town centre.

In total over the two days, three people were arrested while others were given warnings to move on from the area.

Inspector Steve Evans of Chorley Police has hailed the operation as a success.

He said: “I am delighted with the contribution of the officers. They arrested several people for being drunk and disorderly and two people were issued with Section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 orders telling them to leave the area.

“I have had some positive feedback by residents telling us that they welcomed the police being out in the area and they support our activities.

“The fact that the weather was inclement on Sunday and they still turned out with enthusiasm is great.

“The Special Constabulary play a vital part in policing the Chorley area. Their commitment and determination is commendable and I fully support their involvement in the police.

“They are the faces on the street and help to improve the quality of life for the local community.”