Police urge responsible drinking

Peter Verhaege
Peter Verhaege
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Police are warning Chorley’s festive revellers to act responsibly as one of the booziest days of the year arrives.

Today is what has become known as Mad Friday - when Christmas drinkers and partygoers take to the pubs and clubs in their hordes.

Chorley Police say they will be putting extra officers on the streets.

Sergeant Azz Khan, of the Chorley town centre policing team, warned drinkers to be responsible, sensible and safe and he urged them to watch their drinks.

“Enjoy your drink responsibly,” he said.

“Make sure your drink is within sight at all times - don’t leave it unattended. If you’re unsure, get another new drink. Make sure you can get home safely.

“Enjoy your Christmas drinks, do it responsibly and safely. Look after yourself responsibly when you are out and about.”

Peter Verhaege, manager of Chorley Applejax and chairman of Chorley Pubwatch, had this message to revellers: “Just come out and enjoy yourselves in good spirits.

“Behave yourselves and don’t get in any trouble, otherwise you’ll be on a Pubwatch ban for the New Year. It’s zero tolerance where violence and drugs are concerned.”