Bleak future for micro pub Pride of Aggi after losing national planning appeal

Pride of Aggi
Pride of Aggi

The future looks bleak for a popular micro pub after the country’s highest ranking planning body threw out its appeal to reopen.

Pride of Aggi in Adlington, rural Chorley, had appealed to the government’s Planning Inspectorate in July after Chorley Council refused to grant planning permission to open the watering hole in Babylon Lane.

Pride of Aggi

Pride of Aggi

But the pub, which briefly opened its doors from December until February without permission, had its case dismissed in late September over harm it could cause to nearby residents.

Chorley micro pub Pride of Aggi appeals council's decision to not let it trade
Inspector Sarah Manchester said it would “result in significant harm to the living conditions of the occupiers of nearby residential properties, with particular regard to noise and disturbance”.

Darren Tickle from Pride of Aggi stressed to the inspectorate that he had produced an acoustic report aiming to address the councils concerns.

But this was submitted to the council after the deadline and could not form part of the evidence when being reviewed by Ms Manchester.

Taking to social media, pub spokesman Steve Barber wrote: “Thank you to all the customers that supported us in the venture but unfortunately certain people didn’t want this bar.

“Whether for personal reasons or whatever. Can’t believe it but there you go. It was a safe bar with no trouble ever, a lovely atmosphere.”

Micro bar boss pledges not to cause a froth amongst his neighbours
Coun Alistair Morwood, who is responsible for the planning service at Chorley Council, said: “We appreciate the applicant wishes to run a business that may benefit some residents of Adlington but it’s important to factor in the impact this would have on the occupiers of neighbouring properties.

“When refusing the application the committee didn’t feel there was enough evidence to counter their concerns regarding noise and disruption and the planning inspector has arrived at a similar conclusion.

“It serves as an example of why it is important to get planning permission before starting activities like this and we hope it acts as a reminder to others.”