Fury as drivers use village as toilet stop

HGV drivers are causing concerns in a village by parking overnight and littering residential areas.

Monday, 29th August 2016, 5:55 am
A lorry parked in a residential area of Buckshaw Village

The problems have arisen in Buckshaw Village near Chorley where there have been numerous complaints – including the area being used as a toilet stop.

The village is a mixture of residential and industrial development and its roads are constantly used by lorries.

Ward councillor Mark Perks and Euxton Parish councillor Aidy Riggott are both demanding action.

Counillor Mark Perks, who is also a Lancashire County councillor for the area, said: “HGV vehicles are now parking in considerable numbers at the entrance to Brookwood Way on Buckshaw.

“Apart from creating overnight parking issues affecting highway safety, there is litter being deposited and there is some anti-social stuff, such as the area being used as a toilet.”

Councillor Riggott said: “I have received numerous reports of lorries using residential areas of Buckshaw Village for overnight rest stops and stays of two and three days.

“This is causing real safety concerns, forcing cars to drive on the wrong side of the road for over 200 yards around blind bends, as well as some appalling reports over a more serious nature.”

He added: “Obviously residential roads were not designed for this and residents are not prepared for this to continue.

“I have received reports over drivers ‘making their own toilet facilities’ when families are passing and are living close by. This is clearly unacceptable and I have written to developers asking for parking enforcement action”

Councillor Riggott has previously written to all the major logistic businesses operating on Buckshaw Village and to Chorley Council asking for their support against the behaviour.