Homes loom in Chorley as bulldozers set their sights on The Hop Pocket pub

The Hop Pocket
The Hop Pocket

A once popular pub is set to the flattened as part of wider plans to  build new homes in Chorley.

The Hop Pocket in Carr Lane looks set to be demolished in the near future, with Chorley Council set to make a decision on it at tonight’s Development Control Committee meeting.

The committee has been recommended to approve the demolition plans, which also include plans for eight new three-storey homes; three semi-detached pairs and two detached, all with parking.

Documents from the council reveal that the pub has been empty since May 2018, with the former landlord moving to a different pub due to The Hop Pocket not being “financially viable”.

It also notes: “The pub has not served the community for the last year as it has been closed and sold off by the brewery.

“There are a number of pubs within Chorley, with approximately 21 pubs within a one mile radius and two pubs being within 800 metres of the site.”

The plans, submitted by Manchester-based C&M Contractors, are set for approval which will include a Section 106 agreement, guaranteeing extra financial contributions towards provision for extra children as a result of new families moving in to the homes, which will be a mix of three and four bedrooms.

What that contribution will be remains unknown at this moment.