Popular coffee stop set to be blown off track

Alison Holme, who owns the Coffee Cow
Alison Holme, who owns the Coffee Cow

A Chorley businesswoman is determined not to be moo-ved on despite being told to make way for a rival business.

Alison Holme currently runs the successful Coffee Cow mobile coffee counter.

But after being told she must leave her patch at Chorley Railway Station, the news sparked an online twitter campaign of #savethecow.

Her business looks set to make way for a small coffee shop situated on the Blackpool-bound platform ran by LeFeast.

But Alison insists she will not go down without a fight.

She said: “This has been coming for a while – I knew about it a few months ago but it went quiet.

“But on Tuesday, LeFeast owner Jason turned up unannounced with a group of builders getting quotes for the developments and looking at my customers, seeing how many coffees I sold.

“But I’ve decided I am going to put a counter offer in against his, because this is my patch and I won’t be moved.”

LeFeast currently has Italian coffee stores at two other stations – one in Poulton and the other in Bootle.

And managing director Jason Cotillard insists opening in Chorley is nothing but a business opportunity.

He said: “I was second in the queue and Alison had the chance to make an offer but she declined.

“I decided I would make that offer and it is a business opportunity for me.

“I own two more coffee stores at Poulton and Bootle Railway Stations.

“I’m finalising renovations and hopefully we will open some time in the new year.”

A spokeswoman from Northern Rail said:“After working in partnership with the Coffee Cow at Chorley for some time, we have reached an exclusive agreement with a new tenant to open premises on the station. We hope to continue working with Coffee Cow at other Northern Rail stations around Lancashire.”