Postman Andrew from Chorley solves riddle to get letter to Lexi

Postie Andrew Hunter
Postie Andrew Hunter
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A Chorley postman went out of his way to deliver letters to a youngster despite them having no stamps.

The two letters were written on note paper and folded, addressed ‘To Lexi’ with the first line of an address written in felt tip.

In the place of a postcode was a sticker.

When postie Andrew Hunter, 47, emptied the postbox and caught sight of the letters he knew immediately he had to get them to the right address.

“I go and empty the post box as part of my round,” said Andrew.

“When I opened it I saw two pieces of paper and I saw the child’s drawing and the address.

“It was just a wonderful moment and I thought - that’s absolutely lovely.

“So I deciphered the address and thought I’ve got to post them.”

Andrew is a father to Morgan, aged 14, and Courtney, aged 22. He will also become a granddad in February.

He told the Guardian he felt it was important to make sure the letter was delivered.

“I was quite looking forward to posting them and making sure they got to the right address,” he said.

After Andrew posted them he shared a picture of the letters on Facebook with a short spiel: “I’m a postman in good ol Chorley. I deliver your letters, and empty the postboxes.

“The letters all blend in, nothing different every day.

“Until today, when I emptied the postbox and found these two. Normally no stamp, means no delivery. But today I made an exception and added a Royal Mail seal of approval before I delivered your letters.

“Whoever you are, thanks for making me smile.

“Lexi has a good friend.”

It prompted a flurry of comments from people commending him for posting them.

Lexi’s Grandmother Janet Pickstock wrote on the thread: “My granddaughter will be thrilled to bits to receive her letter. You’re absolutely right that whoever her friend is that sent Lexi the letter is truly a wonderful friend indeed.”

Speaking to the Guardian Lexi’s mum Laura Bradwell said afterwards: “She came home from school that day and I said you’ve got some post. She was really pleased with the letter.”

Former X-Factor star Jonjo Kerr has even offered to buy Andrew a pint.