Pressure on LCC to sort out parking

Frustration: Villagers say there are repeated problems with parking in Astley
Frustration: Villagers say there are repeated problems with parking in Astley
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A councillor is upping the ante to help solve a dangerous parking issue in a Chorley village.

Astley and Buckshaw ward councillor Matthew Lynch is calling on Lancashire County Council to solve the parking problems in Astley Village.

Currently motorists are targeting areas in Chancery Road and next to Derian House children’s hospice.

Drivers are parking on blind corners as well as dumping their vehicles on grass verges and parking across cycling lanes.

However, LCC has said that it is unaware of the reports made.

Coun Lynch said: “The PCSOs in the village have said if they book one car then they will have to book them all.

“They’ve said they don’t have the man power to do all of that.

“I have made several requests to LCC but I don’t know what to do to get any action, I’ve had the odd phone call back but nothing seems to happening.”

Chancery Road and Derian House have been areas in the past where car users park their vehicles.

Some villagers asked for double yellow lines to be instituted in the area, but Coun Lynch doesn’t think this is the way forward.

He added: “Double yellow lines wouldn’t work as they would park on other streets.

“I think we need a single white line in the road to stop cars overtaking each other on the corner as well as no stopping signs.

“That would help solve the problems and it would be much safer, I’ve seen several near misses on that corner and I don’t want something to happen before action is taken.”

One resident, who didn’t want to be named, said: “Each time I go past that bend I almost see a near miss.

“People really need to park somewhere else, if a serious collision happens it could be to late for that person, it’s and urgent matter now.”

A Lancashire County Council spokesperson said: “We don’t appear to have received any correspondence from councillor Lynch on this matter. However if he wants to contact us we will look into this as soon as we can.”