Prime Minister builds solid base for future

David Cameron with a copy of the Chorley Guardian
David Cameron with a copy of the Chorley Guardian
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Residents in Buckshaw Village were out in the streets early one morning last week to see the Prime Minister laying bricks at houses.

David Cameron was present on Friday to promote the new Government scheme to try to boost the housing industry and encourage people to buy homes.

He took time out from his schedule to help with the construction of the latest development by Barrett Homes on Main Street.

Speaking exclusively to the Guardian, the Prime Minister said: “The most important thing is to boost Britain’s housing market.

“This is a great scheme for people wanting to live in a home and it is hard for them to get a deposit together.

“It is so important in today’s climate that we get people wanting to work and better themselves and own a house.”

Mr Cameron added places such as Buckshaw Village are essential to re-generate the economy.

He said: “What is exciting about building people a home is that in this area they are also having a life being built.

“Shops are being built here too, and there also seems to be lots of businesses setting up as well and good choice.

“The latest figures showing the GDP lowering are good news and the economy is recovering.”

The visit came just days since Labour leader Ed Milliband visited Chorley town centre, and Secretary of State for Justice Chris Grayling came to the area.

Mr Cameron reflected on reports that 10 districts in Chorley that were in the most deprived areas in England.

He said: “What we need to do is create more jobs and make sure that those jobs pay for the people to live.

“ Also that way we can create communities of people who are earning money and want to better themselves.”

The Prime Minister was impressed with the latest figures that were published in last week’s Guardian saying there were 52 fewer unemployed claimants in the borough compared to March 2012.

He said: “These are encouraging figures. There are 74,000 more people in growth of jobs .

“But we need more people to be in long-term employment.”

There were reports Mr Cameron did not want to talk about their hopes at the county council elections later this week.

However, he told the Guardian: “I am very proud of what Geoff Driver has done at Lancashire County Council.

“It was 27 years since the Conservatives had been in power at LCC, but they have frozen the council tax as well as putting £100m back into the authority.

“My message for people is if they want to see tax frozen then they should back Geoff’s Blue Boys and keep them in power.”

Neil Goodwin, managing director of Barrett Homes, Manchester, welcomed Mr Cameron to the village.

He said: “It is good the Prime Minister wants to get the house-building industry moving.

“He told us that Barrett are doing well to try to get people moving into houses.

“We are recording successes in the industry.”

The £3 billion Help to Buy scheme was launched by the Government on April 1.

It gives buyers who are experiencing difficulty getting onto the property ladder, the opportunity to buy a new home with a five per cent deposit.

Barrett Manchester has already sold houses through the scheme.