Prime Minister writes letter to Katy’s family

Letter from Prime Minister David Cameron to Paula and David Holmes the parents of Katy Holmes
Letter from Prime Minister David Cameron to Paula and David Holmes the parents of Katy Holmes

Prime Minister David Cameron has written to the family of brain tumour victim Katy Holmes and shared his own pain at losing a child.

Paula and David Holmes, of Margaret Road, Penwortham, wrote letters to the Prime Minister and Health Secretary following the death of their daughter, 10, urging the Government to put more money into researching the cause of brain tumours.

The family were frustrated after receiving no reply, but the Lancashire Evening Post personally handed a letter from the couple to David Cameron when he visited the newspaper’s offices a few weeks ago.

Today, Paula spoke of her delight after not only receiving a letter from the Prime Minister but also a handwritten response in which he talks about the pain of losing his son Ivan, who had severe epilepsy and cerebral palsey and died aged six. Mr Cameron wrote: “I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I miss my Ive every day, but at least I do sometimes now feel happy and not sad when I think of him. The point that you make about causes and medicines is a really powerful one. I will check myself that the research programmes are properly directed.” In their letter, Paula and David urged Mr Cameron to consider their arguments for greater research with his “Dad head” rather than as PM.

The Prime Minister signs off his letter: “With love and best wishes David Cameron (with my Dad head firmly on!)”

His letter also states: “I know from my own experiences of losing a child how devastating it is and that the pain never truly goes away.”

Paula said: “We are over the moon at getting this reply from David Cameron. We asked him to show us that he cared and by handwriting this letter, he has done exactly that.

“We want to say a big thank-you to the Lancashire Evening Post as if they had not handed our letter to the Prime Minister directly, we are sure this would never have happened.

“We shed a lot of tears of frustration at not getting an answer from the Government and, if it was not for our local paper caring enough . . .we would not have got a personal reply from David Cameron.”