Problems in town centre

Roadworks in Chapel Street, Chorley
Roadworks in Chapel Street, Chorley
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Town centre deliveries were disrupted yesterday due to a series of roadworks.

Malcolm Allen, chairman of Chorley Traders Alliance, slammed Lancashire County Council after they chose to resurface the highways in Chapel Street,Chorley, yesterday.

Mr Allen says he was contacted by Lancashire County Council and was asked for a preference on which day the roadworks happened.

The roadworks were expected to take one day.

Mr Allen said: “Wednesday was the day it should have happened.”

“There is a relatively low footfall in the town and there aren’t many deliveries, so it would have been perfect to do it then.

“Instead they decided to do it on Thursday and one month before Christmas. The town is very busy with deliveries and it’s market day.

“Delivery vans have struggled to make their way down Chapel Street.”

Mr Allen claims that the county council would re-use the bricks that are currently laid.

However, they have instead used tarmac.

He added: “Lancashire County Council simply do not deliver, if we were a unitary authority this would have been done on Wednesday morning.

“It needed to be a dry day. It was wet on Thursday, yet Wednesday was dry in the morning.

“The county council may be in charge of the roads, but I really don’t think they know what is going on.

“I just don’t understand why they decided to complete the work on a Thursday.”

Lancashire County Council failed to provide a comment in time for our print deadline.