Protestors face new homes bid

Photo: David Hurst'Residents of Adlington gather on the fields that they are trying to save from development are joined by MP Lindsay Hoyle
Photo: David Hurst'Residents of Adlington gather on the fields that they are trying to save from development are joined by MP Lindsay Hoyle

Residents in Adlington are drawing up battle plans again in a bid to repel a fresh approach from a developer.

Objectors celebrated after housing plans for the site were withdrawn earlier this year.

Cheshire-based Fox Strategic Land and Property LLP wanted to build 300 homes on land off Bolton Road.

But after a public consultation, the firm backed off.

However, the company has now submitted a new outline planning application to Chorley Council for up to 170 new homes for the land - surrounding Huyton Terrace, formerly Baly Place Farm, Bolton Road.

Fox is also proposing the demolition of two bungalows at 74 and 76 Bolton Road.

Resident Gillian Smith, of Bolton Road, said residents had received letters from the council informing them they had until August 27 to submit their views on the application.

She said she had expected Fox to try again with an application.

She said: “Oh yes, we were told that they would.

“We all knew that they would come back in with a smaller application and we know they will go on and on and on.”

She added: “People walk the fields with their dogs and there’s wildlife and deer down there.

“We’ve been told there’s brown trout in the streams and they’re as protected as bats.

“We see the bats flying about. If there’s no roost where can they go?”

The band of protestors is organising leaflet drops next week, along with new banners and placards.

“The leaflets will state that although it’s for 170 houses now - the developers will get the bottom field as well. We fear it will be 300 houses. eventually

“We’ve got banners up all the time, but we’re making some new ones and some placards and things.”

Mrs Smith said it wasn’t just the loss of countryside and damage to wildlife they were protesting about, but the stress it will have on the local infrastructure.

“My husband went to the health centre to make an appointment and you have to go before 8am in all weathers for an appointment that day, and this will put more pressure on local facilities.

“Also there’s no parking there.

“The houses over the road are all terraced, there’s no parking there. This is going to bring a lot more cars.”

Ward councillor Peter Wilson supported the protestors in their previous fight against the plans and said he would be doing so again.

“Last time local residents were opposed given the danger it would do to the local environment and the enormous pressure on local services.” he said.

“While the number of overall houses has reduced, it is still a significant increase in the population of Adlington and Anderton, and green space is being destroyed.

“I therefore will be working with local residents to oppose this application.”