Pupils savoured a taste of China

School children at St Peter’s Primary School in Chorley got out their chopsticks to sample the Chinese culture for a week.

The Eaves Lane school took a week off its regular curriculum activities and dedicated a week to China.

Pupils sampled stir fry and spring rolls as well as making their own chicken and beef dishes as part of their very own Chinese restaurant.

Specialist dragon dancers came into the school and taught them the art of Chinese dancing.

Each morning pupils took part in Tai Chi, which also proved to be very popular.

Headteacher Helen Wright said: “The week was very enjoyable and definitely worth doing.

“Every child enjoyed themselves as we had so much going on.

“Tai Chi, the dragon dancing and the food tasting all proved to be very popular.

“When w take a week out of the curriculum to sample new cultures, it’ is vital for the children that they learn about different things.

“The staff also enjoyed it although ended up very tired at the end of the week after planning everything for so long.”