Pups appeal gets Facebook protest

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Chorley police sparked a social media storm after launching an appeal to help them trace a litter of pit bull terrier pups.

Police seized a pit bull terrier type dog from an address on Corporation Street, Chorley, under the Dangerous Dogs Act on March 9.

The dog had a litter of seven pups all of which were subsequently passed onto other people.

PC Debs Collier, community beat manager for Chorley North East said: “Although these dogs are just five weeks old and look cute and cuddly they will grow into extremely dangerous dogs with the potential to cause serious injury.”

However, it caused a storm of protest on social media site Facebook. The comment “dangerous dogs” triggered more than 2,000 replies in defence of dogs.

One person wrote: “It’s been heartwarming to see so many people, not all dog owners and certainly not all bull breed owners, come together in defence of the dogs and opposing Breed Specific Legislation. The police woman in question made a hugely ignorant comment, so very blinkered and biased.”

Pit bulls are a banned breed and it is illegal to keep one or to sell or transfer one to anybody else, except under very strict conditions.

Police and Chorley Council have since traced two of the puppies but want to find the remaining five which may have been bought or are being looked after by somebody on behalf of the owner.