Rabbits shot dead in village

Concerned: Coun Mark Perks who represents Astley Village
Concerned: Coun Mark Perks who represents Astley Village
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Young rabbits were found lined up in a row after being shot dead in a Chorley village.

A shocked motorist made the grim discovery after stopping to help what she thought was an injured animal at the side of the road.

Instead she found the six dead rabbits, some of which were only babies, that had been killed by shots from a pellet gun.

The woman did not want to be named, but Coun Mark Perks, who represents Astley Village has spoken out after she contacted him to highlight the issue.

He said: “Clearly the woman was very distressed when she realised that the rabbits had been shot and then lined up in a row.

“She found them close to the Astley Village sign at the Chancery Road junction with West Way.

“She is also very concerned that someone in the village is using an air rifle to shoot wildlife and it is even more worrying as it is a residential area.”

Coun Mark Perks contacted the police to tell them about the issue and ask for an officer to visit the woman.

He added: “Astley Village is a nice place for wildlife, and residents have even seen deer coming out of Astley Park.

“The killings appear to be completely random and utterly pointless and it is very sad.

“We want to make sure that this is not allowed to happen again as a resident or child could have been injured because of where the shootings took place.

“The fact that the dead rabbits were also lined up for everyone to see is very disturbing and could have upset young children who saw them.

“This is an issue that we can’t ignore.”

Coun Perks said that the Community Beat Manager for the area, Sgt Ian O’Brien had reassured him that this was the first incident of its kind in the village.

Coun Perks added: “It is certainly the first time I have heard of anything like this in the nine years I have represented the area and I certainly don’t want it to happen again.”

Sgt Ian O’Brien said police are investigating and asked for anyone with information to contact them on 0845 1253545.