Rallying call for shoppers to support village traders

Andy and Helen Brown, of Budz By Helen Jane, supporting Shop Local
Andy and Helen Brown, of Budz By Helen Jane, supporting Shop Local

“Give us a try!”

That is the message from traders in Adlington, who are backing our campaign encouraging people to Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local.

They say there is plenty on offer in the village, without people travelling to supermarkets or out of town to do their shopping.

The business owners want people to find out what is available in the village and do their bit to support the local economy.

Brian Parkinson opened his shop, Balloons Galore, on Chorley Road, in 1995.

He built up his business, but says it has been hit in recent years by the internet and the recession.

And he fears that footfall is suffering because many of the people moving into new houses in Adlington simply drive through the village centre and do not stop to visit the shops.

Brian said: “We keep battling on, hoping that we can get some trade from the village or outside the village.

“Give us a try - that’s all I can say.

“We can offer personal service. If you go to a big shop, you don’t know anyone behind the counter. In the village, we know everyone.”

Adlington has many different businesses, including a bank, cafes, newsagents and greengrocers.

And the fact they are run by local people is a big bonus, according to Helen Brown, who opened Budz By Helen Jane on Church Street with her husband, Andy, two years ago.

She said: “The shops have been around for a long while and we have got to know our customers. That’s our unique selling point.

“We are part of the community and a lot of us live in the community too.

“We say shop local and support people who live in the local community. You are putting your hard-earned money into a really good product and really good services provided by local people.”

Despite the success of the internet, many people still visit shops and some Adlington businesses are benefiting.

Antony Brown, co-owner of Adlington Pet Centre on Market Street, has customers who travel from far and wide.

He said: “We are a long-established business and people travel miles and miles to see us.

“A lot of people these days are savvy and can buy anything online. We have to be competitive.

“They can come here and have a look at the physical things and get good advice on the products.”