Recycle food with garden waste

Plate of food which can now be recycled in Chorley
Plate of food which can now be recycled in Chorley
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People in Chorley will soon be able to recycle all of their food waste – including chicken bones and meal leftovers.

Chorley Council is introducing a new service in February to allow people to put unwanted food in their brown bins, which will be recycled along with the green waste from their gardens.

The food, which can also include out-of-date products, will be sent to the Farington Waste Technology Park in Leyland, with the rest of Chorley’s waste.

Coun Eric Bell, who oversees waste collection at Chorley Council, said: “The introduction of food waste collections will be very straightforward as there will be no extra bins or containers, and people can just put their food waste, wrapped in newspaper if they wish, into their brown bin.

“We’ve been running trials across the borough which have proved to be successful, and we hope as many households as possible will take part.”

The food waste collections will mean residents can recycle anything from out-of-date vegetables to fish and chicken bones, as well as leftovers from meals.

“It’s surprising how much food does get thrown away because it goes out-of-date,” Coun Bell added. “So this is not just about encouraging people to recycle their food waste, but also about educating people not to cook too much or buy too much in the first place.

“I’m sure residents will embrace this like they have with the blue bins, which has seen the borough’s recycling rates reach 48.5%.”

People will be able to start putting their food waste in their brown bin from February 13.