Relief as nightmare dad and son evicted

Police outside the Sharrock house in Astley Village after eviction notice has been given out
Police outside the Sharrock house in Astley Village after eviction notice has been given out
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A ‘nightmare’ father and son have been evicted - ending years of misery for local residents.

Karl Sharrock, 36, had previously been jailed after threatening a neighbour with a knife and carrying out a catalogue of anti-social behaviour.

His son Ryan, who is only 16, was locked up last November, after admitting breaching an Anti-Social Behaviour Order 11 times in less than a year.

At one stage the police published posters featuring the teenager’s face to warn the community. Last Thursday afternoon at 3pm local residents breathed a huge sigh of relief when police and officials from the social landlord Places for People served an eviction notice on the family and they packed up and left the home in Broadfields estate, Astley Village.

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: “They have made our lives a misery.

“A lot of people here been called names and been intimidated by Ryan and it is not just people on our street that have been affected there has also been others on Great Meadow and Buckshaw Hall Close.

“My health has been affected by them living there and my blood pressure has shot through the roof.

“I know that quite a few people in the neighbourhood were looking at moving out of the area but we won’t have to now that they have gone.

“I am not cold-hearted because I feel for some of the members of the family but at the end of the day they deserve everything that they put us through. I think it is a real shame that they don’t realise what they have done.”

Another neighbour added: “We want to say a big thank you to Louise Yates from Places for People, Sgt Ian O’Brien, Mick Payne, Chris O’Loane and PCSO Vicky Collins. They have all worked so hard and gone beyond the call of duty.”

Vicky Collins, Police Community Support Officer for Astley Village, said: “Along with other agencies, we have been working for many years to address concerns raised by residents. This is an example of how working together we have been able to make a difference and give some respite to the neighbours. We will continue to listen to residents’ concerns and take action against anyone who commits anti-social behaviour.”

A spokesman for Places for People said: “We will not tolerate persistent behaviour that has an adverse impact on the lives of other residents.

“We have worked with this tenant and other agencies in order to try and resolve persistent nuisance behaviour but regrettably it has continued and possession of the property remained the only remedy which would provide relief to our other customers.”

“We would like to thank the police for their continued support and our other residents.”