Rents bonus as rogue tenants get a warning

Kimberley Clarke, operations director for CCH
Kimberley Clarke, operations director for CCH

Court action is being taken to recover £300,000 of housing rent debt in Chorley.

The money is owed by tenants of Chorley Community Housing – the company that took over the borough’s former council housing.

The figure was revealed as the company announced a tenants’ Christmas bonus.

Those who are up to date with their rent will get two ‘rent free’ weeks this year.

Rent payments will not be due for weeks starting December 23 and 30 for tenants whose accounts are fully paid.

But it has warned tenants who are in arrears with their rent that they should continue to pay their rent or face eviction.

At the end of September, CCH tenants owed more than £375,000 in rent arrears, with 733 having a debt of £10 or more.

A total of 28 families have been evicted since last December, who between them owed more than £68,000.

This includes two families who each managed to run up debts of more than £4,000.

Operations director Kimberley Clarke said: “The two rent free weeks at Christmas are very popular with tenants as it means that those people who pay their rent promptly have some spare cash at Christmas to spend on their families.

“But for tenants in arrears with their rent it is very important that they understand that not paying is not an option.”

CCH tenants behind with their rent could find themselves losing their home.

Tenants who were evicted for non-payment of rent in the last year owed on average just under £2,500.

CCH says failure to make regular rent payments, and spending money on Christmas treats instead of household bills, can make a difficult financial situation much worse.

Kimberley added: “In the past 12 months we have evicted 28 families in Chorley who failed to keep up to date with their rent, and if tenants do not make paying the rent a priority, then they can expect to face the consequences.

“Our advice, if you cannot make a rent payment, is to get in touch to agree a realistic payment plan with us.

“Don’t ignore the problem because it won’t go away, so get in touch with us.

“This is a free service and if you want to arrange an appointment please call us.”

CCH can be contacted on 0845 505 3355.