Residents’ joy at housing company’s charges u-turn

Coun Matthew Crowe and County Coun Steve Holgate with the petition from the Coppull residents.
Coun Matthew Crowe and County Coun Steve Holgate with the petition from the Coppull residents.

A housing company has performed a U-turn on controversial plans to slap a service charge on residents in Chorley.

Chorley Community Housing (CCH) was set to charge 94 houses on Byron Crescent, Coppull, £52 each to cut grass.

Tenants have never previously been charged for the services which are on offer throughout the year.

Residents on the estate launched a petition against the charges. The petition was supported by councillors Matthew Crow, Steve Holgate and Robert Finnamore.

More than 80 signatures were secured on the petition in one hour.

Residents also took to social media to raise their concerns and a Facebook group called ‘We have had enough of CCH charges’ was created.

Stephen Berrisford, a resident in Byron Crescent, said: “We won - well done everyone.”

Coun Crowe has praised CCH for their decision.

He said: “In Coppull we have a very special community spirit.

“It takes a good deal of courage to reverse a decision you have already made in public and it’s important that CCH get the credit they deserve for listening to our campaign.

“They do a lot of good work for our village and I am glad that they now agree that these charges were simply unfair and plan to remove them.”

Coun Steve Holgate, a board member of CCH, added: “I made my position clear - these proposals were hurting the people we should be protecting the most.”

A spokesman at CCH said: “After discussions with local council members, and further consideration of this issue, the Association has decided to not introduce new service charges to pay for the maintenance of open spaces.”

“The open spaces will continue to be maintained by the Association.

“Every tenant affected by this issue will receive a letter during the week to provide further explanation of how this impacts on their individual service charge.”