Residents not so Jolly after lorries cause problems

Photo : Ian Robinson'Coun Matthew Crow from Coppull
Photo : Ian Robinson'Coun Matthew Crow from Coppull

Lorries have been causing a nuisance on a village road in Chorley.

Heavy goods vehicles are currently banned from using Jolly Tar Lane, Coppull - unless they are delivering to houses on the lane.

However, despite regulations which say vehicles over 7.5 tonnes must avoid the lane, lorries are continuing to use the lane as a slip road causing a nuisance to residents.

Coun Matthew Crow, who represents Coppull, is helping residents and reporting firms infringing the laws.

One company, Wilson of Kendal Ltd, has told their drivers to avoid the lane.

Jane Wilson, director at Wilson of Kendal, said: “We have told our drivers to avoid using Jolly Tar Lane, we have worked with Coun Crow to ensure we won’t use Jolly Tar Lane again.”

Coun Crow is calling on residents to support the campaign and report any lorries to Lancashire County Council.

He said: “This two –fold issue of Heavy Good’s Vehicles contravening weight restrictions on Jolly Tar Lane, and vehicles in general speeding in this area, has been an ongoing matter of concern for Coppull residents for a number of years.

“The success of a campaign like this can often rely on the support of local people themselves and it is their help in recording and reporting incidents as they occur that has assisted the police, myself and Lancashire County Council in tracking down and working with those haulage companies currently operating in contravention.

Speed monitoring equipment has been installed on Jolly Tar Lane.

Coun Crow wanted to make a message clears lorries must stay away.

He said: “After years of requesting assistance with this matter we have finally been able to deliver on installing speed monitoring equipment and helping to crack down on operators which have been flouting the rules for too long.

“The message is simple no vehicle weighing over 7.5 tonnes should be using Jolly Tar Lane as a through road.”