Restaurant review - New Seasons, Chorley

New Season Restaurant, Chorley
New Season Restaurant, Chorley

It’s not every day that ROBERT KELLY has his family over so he took them out for a lunchtime meal.

When it comes to deciding where to go in the town centre for a bite to eat I normally opt for any one of a number of sandwich stops in Chorley.

However, with my parents making the long trip from Northern Ireland to visit me and our almost six-month old baby I knew that a £5 butty would not do.

So after hours of deliberating with my work colleagues about where in the town our regular critics had not been so I opted to take about 30 steps from our office to visit New Seasons.

As a new family I quickly discovers how difficult it can be to manouvre a pram in a busy restaurant.

Luckily for us, the staff and customers were very accommodating as they move chairs and tables to let us through - whether that was because they wanted to get out of the way from my wayward driving style or not.

It was extremely cold outside but within seconds you could not help but enjoy the warmth and cosy feel of the restaurant.

We sat in the back room which was very private and secluded.

Little baby Eoin was enjoying his trip out of the pram and was kept entertained by the ornate lights and wide range of colours in the room.

He also was coo-ing at how everyone seemed to be rushing about tending to everyone’s needs.

I still cannot help but be amazed by the rustic feel of the restaurant and you feel like you have been transported to the Meditteranean...until you look outside the window and see the rain and gales outside.

Being up against it in terms of time I scanned the menu and opted for my favourite meal - nachos platter (to share - but no-one else was going to have any which was priced at £6.95).

Carolyn opted for the baby fillet of seabass hot wrap (£5.50) which was served with spring onions, garlic mayonnaise and lemon and lime dressing.

My mum has always been adventurous with food so she ordered the shish taouk hot wrap (£5.50) which was lebanese chicken marinated in mayo and fresh oregano.

But at the other extreme is my dad Brian (The only time I eat vegetables or fruit is in my wife’s homemade soup) Kelly.

He hate spices or anything oriental.

Anyway there even was something for him - a grilled steak, onion and mushroom ciabatta (£6.50) which was controversial because it was not a plain roll or slice of bread.

As regular readers of this column will know that from past experience I have to have a fuller plate than everyone else at the table.

I was not disappointed as it was a mound of chips served with salsa, guacamole and sour cream and olives.

Eoin was having his bottle and he tried to steal a few of my crisps which got me cross until my mum shouted at me saying who was the baby me or him.

Anyway, All Seasons got a glowing reference from Carolyn - which is an achievement in itself because she is lactose intolerant vegetarian and it can be hard to get meals that she can enjoy.

Then, my mum gave her wrap a massive thumbs-up because of the rich flavours of the chicken which sent her taste-buds tingling.

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised by my dad having left only some of the mushrooms on his plate and he actually liked the ciabatta - success.

Where in the past 56 years many people have tried to change my dad’s tastes - Chorley has another success story to add to the list and that is the food at All Seasons.

Factfile -

Name: New Seasons Restaurant

Address: 13 St Thomas’ Road, Chorley

Telephone: 01257 241040


Cuisine: An extensive menu to cater for all tastes including: tapas, salads, curries, pasta and main courses.

Their menu ranges from Mediterranean, North African and Moroccan influences

Rating: 9 out of 10