RESULTS: Conservatives gain a seat from Labour in local elections

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Labour’s grip on Chorley Council remains strong despite losing a seat to the Conservatives at the local elections.

Tory candidate Alan Cullens took Clayton-le-Woods West and Cuerden from Labour’s Dave Rogerson after a total recount.

Mr Cullens, the former Conservative candidate at the General Election in Chorley in 2010 - won by Labour’s Lindsay Hoyle, who held his seat on Thursday - polled 1,227 votes compared to Mr Rogerson’s 1,142 in a 69.59 per cent turnout. He is also a former executive member on Chorley Council.

The composition of the authority now stands Labour 31, Conservative 14, independent two.

Mr Cullens was not present at the count in Chorley Town Hall yesterday afternoon.

But Mr Rogerson said: “I’m disappointed. It was so close, over 1,000 people wanted me to continue.”

The count at Chorley Town Hall

The count at Chorley Town Hall

Asked what the thought the reason for his defeat was, he said: “I think it could have been the rush towards Cameron and group in the end.

“But I’ve given a good four years representing the people of Clayton-le-Woods West and Cuerden and I will continue to work with them over the next few years as an ordinary citizen.”

He said he would have to give some thought to whether he would stand again.

There was another close result in Euxton South which was held for the Conservatives by Debra Platt after two total recounts.

“Our strategy was to keep the councillors we have and possibly pick up a couple of seats and we have done exactly that, so we can’t ask for more.”

Coun Paul Leadbetter, deputy leader of Chorley Conservatives

A delighted councillor Paul Leadbetter, deputy leader of Chorley’s Conservative group, said: “I’m really pleased.

“We gained Clayton-le-Woods West and Cuerden, which is good.

“We maintained Euxton South, which is a positive because Debra came a close second 12 months ago, and overall we are really pleased.

“Our strategy was to keep the councillors we have and possibly pick up a couple of seats and we have done exactly that, so we can’t ask for more.

Conservatives celebrate in Chorley after the local elections

Conservatives celebrate in Chorley after the local elections

“It’s onwards and upwards now.”

As for the overall make-up of the council, he said: “The Labour group do have a big majority, so in one year we are not going to make a massive impact, but it’s all about slowly working and doing our best and getting involved in the community and showing we have something to offer and getting the votes.”

Coun Alistair Bradley, leader of Chorley’s Labour group, said he was sad to lose “experienced and dedicated councillor” Dave Rogerson.

“We have had some very close battles and results that could have gone either way,” said councillor Bradley.

“We have lost one seat, but in the general picture across the country, Chorley has somewhat upped the trend by remaining a heavily Labour administration.

“We have some fantastic results in the town wards, but in the more rural areas the results went against us.”

He continued: “We hoped we might pick up one or two seats and given how close some results were, we could have picked them up with 30 or 40 more votes, but that’s what happens when general elections are held at the same time.

“We are generally happy with our share of the vote and the majority of the votes were cast for Labour candidates.”

The full results for Chorley Council are:

Adlington and Anderton

June Molyneaux Labour 1936

Philip Pilling Liberal Democrat 248

Stuart Rickaby UKIP 693

Charlotte Woods Conservative 1285

Astley and Buckshaw

Dan Croft Labour 1194

Jeffrey Flinders Mallinson UKIP 351

Mark Perks Conservative 1518


Steve Holgate Labour 899

Paul Leadbetter Conservative 1433

Chorley East

Terry Brown Labour 1861

Robert Daykin Green 148

Mike Devaney Conservative 642

Christopher Suart UKIP 554

Chorley North East

Claire Ashworth Green 159

Marion Lowe Labour 1651

Tom Norris Conservative 770

Thomas Shorrock UKIP 526

Chorley North West

Aaron Beaver Labour 1636

Peter Malpas Conservative 1321

Julia Smith UKIP 479

Chorley South East

Shaun Jones UKIP 578

Sarah Kiley Conservative 1130

David Porter Liberal Democrat 134

Paul Walmsley Labour 1812

Chorley South West

Harold Heaton Conservative 1087

Margaret Lees Labour 1855

Phillip Smith UKIP 646

Clayton-le-Woods North

Magda Cullens Conservative 1144

Stephen Fenn Liberal Democrat 255

Gillian Hargreaves Green 260

Steve Murfitt Labour 1404

Clayton-le-Woods West and Cuerden

Alan Cullens Conservative 1227

Dave Rogerson Labour 1142

Clayton-le-Woods and Whittle-le-Woods

Glenda Charlesworth Liberal Democrat 345

Mark Edward Clifford Labour 1585

David George Humphries UKIP 594

Gregory Ian Morgan Conservative 2061


Paul Clark Labour 1659

Joshua John Nelson Conservative 782

Mark Smith UKIP 695

Eccleston and Mawdesley

Martin William Boardman Conservative 1856

Helen Margaret Bradley Labour 1377

Richard Croll UKIP 442

Euxton South

Stuart Anthony Clewlow Labour 963

Phillip Hayward UKIP 334

Debra Platt Conservative 1017


Doreen Dickinson Conservative 1535

Stan Ely Labour 926