Review of top jobs at council is under way

Coun Peter Wilson
Coun Peter Wilson
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Changes could be made to senior management roles in a shake-up at Chorley Council.

A review will be carried out of the management structure as the authority looks to change the way it operates in future.

The council agreed to take the next steps to adopting the new model of public service delivery at their meeting last Tuesday.

One of the first things it will do is review the senior management structure to ensure it is suitable.

Coun Peter Wilson, deputy council leader, said: “The current structure has been in place for several years and provided us with a really good base to deliver excellent services while not increasing council tax.

“Now we are looking to change the way we deliver services it is essential that we review the senior management structure to ensure it is relevant for what we want to achieve in the coming years.

“It will also give us an opportunity to see if there are any further savings we can make and ensure the maximum amount of money is available to spend on priority areas.”

The review will include two directors, nine heads of service and 32 posts that report directly to a head of service.

It is not yet known if there will be any job losses.

As well as making sure the management structure is suitable for the new council model, the review will seek to cut the cost of the council’s management team, develop a flatter management structure and target resources to priority areas such as frontline services.

Councillors agreed to start the review at the full council meeting last week.

A timescale was set out, with an informal consultation now underway until Wednesday, December 9.

Responses will be considered and a report put before the council at their meeting in January, before a formal staff consultation is launched.

A report will then go before the council’s executive cabinet at their meeting in March.

Coun Wilson said: “At this stage we are just setting out the scope of the review asking staff for their input on what the new structure might look like and what skills we might need.

“Once that has been done there will be a report with proposals brought back to the full council meeting in January with a view to implementing any changes in the spring.”