Rise in fuel is nothing to do with scare

Queues for fuel at Morrisons, Leyland
Queues for fuel at Morrisons, Leyland
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Petrol stations across Chorley and Leyland today said rises in fuel costs has nothing to do with a current scare.

Motorists have been filling up their tanks, following the possibility of a national fuel strike.

Queues have been significantly larger than usual, with one store, Bungalow Filling Station, on Moor Road, seeing a 100% increase in sales over the past three days.

This comes at the same time that the store has been forced to up its pricing by 3p a litre.

The co-owner of the station, who wanted to remain unnamed, said: “Our pricing policy has nothing to do with the current situation – it is coincidental.

“It is understandable that customers will jump to the wrong conclusion, but fuel prices are going up regardless.

“Our fuel sales have gone up by 100% in the last three days, and to be honest we can’t cope with it. We don’t control pricing and we’ve got no option to increase our prices.”

Wholesale costs have had a similar affect on chain supermarkets, stores such as Morrisons also increasing their prices of fuel.

The Leyland store is currently charging £135.9p for unleaded petrol and £143.9p for diesel.

A Morrison spokesman said: “We are well prepared and have strong supplies so there is no need for customers to buy more fuel than they normally would.”

Prices at Clayton Green’s Asda have not currently increased, a spokesman said: “We’re working flat out behind the scenes to keep petrol in stock. There are no strike dates planned and there would be seven days’ notice should there be any industrial action – so there’s no need for customers to change their petrol buying routines.”