Rivington Pike lit as tribute to war heroes

Rivington Pike was lit red by Chorley Council earlier this year
Rivington Pike was lit red by Chorley Council earlier this year
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One of Chorley’s most iconic landmarks is being lit to pay tribute to people who lost their lives serving their country.

Rivington Pike has been lit tonight and an image of a poppy projected on the side to remember those who died and to mark 100 years since the start of the First World War.

It will be lit from 5pm to 9pm each day for a week.

Coun Peter Wilson, deputy council leader, said: “This year is a particularly poignant moment in our history as we commemorate 100 years since the start of the First World War, so we thought it was right that we did something different to recognise the sacrifices local people made during the wars.

“Rivington Pike is our most visible landmark, so by lighting it up and projecting an image of a poppy on to the side it is a way of publicly remembering those who lost their lives in conflict and those who helped back home.”

The council has joined with Horwich Town Council to light the Pike.

Located on the boundary of Chorley and Horwich, Rivington Pike has a long history and was used as a beacon warning of oncoming forces as far back as the 12th Century.

Coun Kevin McKeon, leader of Horwich Town Council, said: “It is a privilege for us to co-operate with Chorley Council in illuminating Rivington Pike for the period of remembrance, which will commemorate the sacrifice made by those from both towns who never returned home after the First World War and other conflicts since then.

“In supporting this initiative, we are carrying out our commitment to the Horwich community that we would pay fitting tribute to the 420 citizens of Horwich who gave their lives during the First World War.”

Chorley Council has also listed the names of all those who died during the wars on a banner on the town hall.

Rivington Pike was also lit earlier this year by the council in a campaign to attract more jobs to the borough.