Rivington Pike will put Chorley on the map

Rivington Pike, photographed by reader Paul Speight
Rivington Pike, photographed by reader Paul Speight
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A historic landmark overlooking Chorley is being lit up for the start of a new campaign.

As the sun begins to set each evening, Rivington Pike will turn red to put Chorley on the map.

It will be lit from 5pm to 9pm today and will be done during the evening rush hour on weekdays for two weeks.

Coun Alistair Bradley, council leader, said: “One of our main priorities is to bring new jobs and investment to Chorley to create more opportunities for people here, whether it’s to get employment or move up the career ladder.

“Here in Chorley we know what the borough has got to offer, but business people looking to invest across the country don’t really know where we are and what we’ve got here.

“The first stage of the campaign is to put Chorley on the map and by lighting our most prominent landmark, which is visible for miles around, it will show people exactly where we are and get people talking about what we are doing.”

Today also sees the launch of a new website, choosechorley.co.uk, and a new grants package for businesses looking to move to Chorley.

Coun Bradley said: “We do have some of the biggest names in the industry already here and that’s because we have a really good offer - we’ve got brilliant transport links, we’re a city gateway for Manchester and more importantly we want people to invest here.

“The lighting of the Pike is just the start of the campaign and, although I’m sure many residents will enjoy looking at it lit up at night, the most important part will be the work we do in working with businesses to encourage them to move here.”