Roads closed as race looms

A man seen urinating on Withington Lane
A man seen urinating on Withington Lane

Triathletes will take to roads around the borough on Sunday as they compete in the 10th Ironman UK.

Residents are warned to expect several road closures as the cycling part of the race passes through Chorley.

It will take in Rivington, Anderton, Abbey Village, Wheelton, Brindle, Whittle-le-Woods, Buckshaw Village and other parts of the borough.

The gruelling triathlon will see participants swim 2.4 miles at Pennington Flash, Leigh, cycle 112 miles around Chorley and the Lancashire countryside and run 26.2 miles in Bolton.

They must cross the finishing line in 17 hours and there are 50 qualifying places available for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

Hundreds are expected to line the streets around Chorley to watch participants pass during the bike ride.

Meanwhile, mum-of-one Kerry Welsh, of Withington Lane, Heskin, claims cyclists practising for the race through her village are urinating in public opposite her house.

Last month she slammed race organisers for road closures which she claims will affect her and other people’s businesses.

She runs a jewellery shop at the Heskin Farmers’ Market and Craft Centre, Wood Lane.

She said: “This picture was taken from my kitchen window. Three cyclists practicing the route bought drink from the Nisa store on Wood Lane in Heskin then urinated in the field gate on Withington Lane in Heskin, opposite residential houses.

“It was taken by my 13-year-old daughter on her iPhone. Not only is this disgusting behaviour, but it’s also an arrestable offence.”

The road closures are as follows:

RIVINGTON: 6am to 4.30pm

Chorley New Road and Bolton Rd (A673) will be closed.

ADLINGTON AND ANDERTON: 6.30am to 4.30pm

Part of Bolton Road is closed.

ABBEY VILLAGE: 7.30am to 2.00pm

The northbound A675 is closed from Belmont.

WHEELTON: 7am to 2pm

Dark Lane and Copthurst Lane will be shut.

BRINDLE: 7am to 2.30pm

Copthurst Lane, Birchin Lane, Denham Lane, Water Street and Sandy Lane through to Whittle-le-Woods will be closed. Sandy Lane will be closed westbound only from Water Street to Preston Road.

WHITTLE-LE-WOODS: 7am to 3pm

Preston Road will be closed southbound between Sandy Lane and Dawson Lane.


The bike route will pass along Dawson Lane, to Runshaw Lane via Langdale Road.

LEYLAND: 7am to 3.30pm

Dawson Lane will be closed and Langdale Road will be shut to Runshaw Lane.

CLAYTON-LE-WOODS: 7am to 3pm

Preston Road will be closed southbound between Sandy Lane and Dawson Lane.

ULNES WALTON 7am to 3pm

Langdale Road, Runshaw Hall Lane, Runshaw Lane, Flag Lane, Leyland Lane, Holker Lane and Ulnes Walton Lane will be closed.

CROSTON: 8am to 3.30pm

Highfield Road, between Croston and Southport Road, will be closed westbound. Grape Lane, Syd Brook Lane, part of Blue Stone Lane and Salt Pit Lane will be closed.

MAWDESLEY 8am to 4pm

Salt Pit Lane, Ridley Lane, Bentley Lane and Bannister Lane will be closed.

HILLDALE 8am to 4pm

Bentley Lane, Bannister Lane, Whittle Lane and High Moor Lane will be closed.

HESKIN 8am to 4pm

Church Lane, Withington Lane and Chisnall Lane will be closed. Wood Lane will be closed northbound.


Mill Lane is closed eastbound only. Coppull Moor Lane and Jolly Tar Lane will be closed.