Rock just missed man’s head while he was asleep in bed

James Wilson had a rock thrown through his bedroom window in Chorley
James Wilson had a rock thrown through his bedroom window in Chorley

A father-of-two has told of the terrifying moment a rock came crashing through his bedroom window as he lay asleep.

Office worker James Wilson, 36, whose 11-year-old twin boys were in bed in the next room, says it was lucky no one was injured.

James, who has lived in the ground-floor flat on Brooke Street, Chorley, for three and a half years, said: “It was between 6.40am and 6.45am on a Saturday morning.

“I was lying half awake, half asleep, in bed.

“There was just a big smash and the next thing you know I was showered in glass.

“The rock came through and landed no more than six inches from my head. I jumped up and ran outside, came in and rang the police.

“I came back and saw the rock on my bed.

“I was more concerned about my kids who were in the bedroom next door.

“If it had gone in in the same position to them, it would quite possibly have hit one of them.

“Most of the houses here, most people will think the front rooms are the living room.”

James, who works for GDW Engineering, Whittle-le-Woods, said: “I think it’s some nutcase, he’s probably just a thrill-seeker.”

Chorley Police recently appealed for witnesses to a spate of incidents in which houses and trains were attacked by a brick-throwing yob.

A man has been helping them with their inquiries.

There were three incidents on Brooke Street of someone throwing bricks through windows.

In addition, there were two more where someone has thrown bricks at trains at or near Chorley Railway Station.

Police connected the incidents and worked with the British Transport Police in an effort to track the offender down. Sgt Kevin Mountain, of the neighbourhood policing team, said: “A male who was helping with inquiries has been admitted to hospital under the mental health act.”